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More about Cape Town,
South Africa

Travel to the resplendent port city of Cape Town, South Africa where you’ll discover unspoiled natural sites, a tapestry of unique cultures, and a rich, yet complex history. Capped by Table Mountain, this gorgeous metropolis, or “Mother City,” as it’s sometimes called, offers a landscape ripe for discovery. See why Cape Town captivates travellers on their African getaway.

Why visit Cape Town

Natural Sites

From its soaring, mountainous peaks, to its golden-sand beaches where penguins are known to roam, Cape Town has a variety of impressive terrain to explore. Nature enthusiasts, sun worshippers, and animal lovers are continually enamoured by the treasures endemic to the Mother City. Discover these fascinating sites on your journey through Cape Town.


In addition to its access to some of the most stunning natural wonders, Cape Town satiates travellers’ needs for exploration and enrichment. The city’s story and its people are worth learning more about - their revolutionary spirit helped make it what it is today. Here are some sites we suggest you visit while in Cape Town.

Neighbourhoods & Nearby Areas

Cape Town’s neighbourhoods represent a melting pot of fascinating cultures. While some of the city is still in need of repair, the local people have worked to make it a beautiful place that travellers enjoy discovering. Explore these neighbourhoods and get a better sense of the spirit of South Africa.

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