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Israel: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

From £1,649 pp*

8 Days • 15 Meals

Call to Book: 0800 804 8705
  • Awesome

    • Service
      It was great. There were only two problems the whole time. One was dinner at the hotel that the hotel didn’t know about. Not sure who’s fault that was, Collette’s or the hotel’s. This was promptly solved by our guide. Two was the bus that was supposed to pick us up and take us back to the airport was almost two hours late. Aside from these, it was outstanding. I would not hesitate to use Collette again. Our guide was amazing. He was very nice and very knowledgeable.
    • Tour
      The tour was amazing. The pace was just a little fast but very informative and the guide was outstanding. It’s very hard to choose a favorite experience. Seeing and touching where Christ was born and buried were both very moving. Seeing the places where He walked and talked, I can’t describe the feelings I had.
  • Review travel arrangements and communication

    • Service
      Communication was not good. We were at the Jordan border and the guide tried to call the emergency number and nobody answered. I myself called twice about a lost item on the Iberia flight, the last call on the emergency number and never got an answer back. Contacted lost and found on Iberia airlines and didn't get an answer back. The flight schedule was the most long I have even been on to get to Israel. The hotel in Tiberius was filthy and we had a view on the trash pile behind it.
    • Tour
      See comments higher up. The guides were good.

    Thank you for traveling with Collette on our Israel: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land tour. We're very sorry to hear about the issues you experienced on tour. All feedback from your group will be reviewed by our Product Design Team. According to our notes we have been in contact with you regarding the item you left behind on the plane. We will follow up once we have more information the airline.

    Collette Support
  • It was a great trip!

    • Service
      Yes I would recommend them! I would have given Collette an excellent but we did have two situations. For some reason....we did not have dinner reservations at our last hotel...even though we were supposed to. It was all cleared up for the remainder of our stay....but we did have to find another place to eat for dinner one night. Also, our bus was very late picking us up for our flight back to the states. Because the bus was 1 1/2 hours late....we were unable to do our tax exemptions at the airport and it was a very tight squeeze making it through security and on to our flight. As they say....stuff happens! So, all in all it was a great trip! I only mention these things because you are asking for information on how to improve your travel company and your arrangements. I thank God for the wonderful trip and for keeping us all safe.... I feel like we were truly blessed because any thing can happen when you have over 40 people on a 10 day trip over seas!!!! Thank you for a beautiful and memorable trip!
    • Tour
      I feel like we were able to make the most of this trip. We were given many opportunities to explore Jerusalem and other cities that were ancient and a part of Jesus' life and ministry.

    Thank you for traveling with Collette on our Israel: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land tour. We're happy to hear that overall it was a great trip but are sorry to learn about the issues you experienced on tour. Your feedback will be reviewed by our Product Design and Logistics Team's so that the overall touring experience for our guests can be improved.

    Collette Support

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