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More about Washington, D.C.

Steeped in history and prestige, Washington, D.C. is America’s capital city. Head to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and see the iconic White House. See the first plane the Wright Brothers successfully flew. Feel moved by the National Mall’s powerful monuments dedicated to fallen war heroes. It’s time to immerse yourself in the epic story of America.

Why visit Washington D.C.

Historical Sites

As the seat of American democracy, Washington, D.C. abounds with historic landmarks. The city nods to its political heritage with a range of government buildings, shrines to those taken by war, and abodes of president’s past and present. Your journey to America’s capital city will be a civics lesson like no other.


Washington, D.C. is a bustling city that captivates history buffs, foodies, art lovers and musicians. The city accommodates a variety of interests and as such, offers visitors several types of enticing attractions. These are some suggested ways to take in even more of D.C.


One of the biggest selling points for those wanting to visit D.C. is its museums. The Smithsonian provides some of the most impressive collections in the world, and many of the museums have the added benefit of being free. Immerse yourself in D.C. and take a tour of these cultural sites.

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