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Newfoundland and Labrador

You will Love Colourful and Quirky
Newfoundland and Labrador

by Kristen Gilbert

March 10, 2017

3 minute read

Located on the eastern edge of Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador is home to rocky crags, towering icebergs and the delectable puffin. From the colourful characters you will meet along the way to the cheerfully painted houses and vibrant wildlife, this is a refreshingly different part of the globe that you will love to explore. And, with flying time of just 5 hours from London, getting there is a breeze.

Discover breath-taking scenery

A visit to Newfoundland and Labrador will not be complete without exploring the area’s stunning national parks. Travel to the Terra Nova National Park where the forest is hugging the coast or discover hidden fjords, stark peaks and highland tundra at the Gros More National Park. For sweeping views across the ocean, venture to the Long Point lighthouse or stand on North America’s most easterly point on your visit to the famous Cape Spear lighthouse. Whatever you fancy, the natural world is your oyster in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Visit brightly painted houses

A glimpse of the brightly painted houses, fences and outdoor furniture will instantly lift your spirits. A must-see is the Jellybean Row, an area of downtown St. John’s in Newfoundland. Legend has it that the Victorian row houses there are painted in bright, cheerful colours so that sailors heading home from sea can see their houses from a distance, despite the fog. The neighbourhood resembles a giant colouring book splashed in hues with clever names like “Ferryland Downs,” “Little Heart’s Ease,” “Bristol’s Hope,” and “Mollyfodge.”

Tuck into local delicacies

Originally built on necessity and scarcity in a rugged land, the cuisine in this region is brimming with local ingredients that have been used for generations and perfected into a collection of hearty country cooking staples. Ingredients like cod, wild game, cold-weather vegetables and berries are all put to perfect use in casual, stick-to-your-ribs comfort foods.

In addition to the traditional recipes that have been passed down for generations, the region is undergoing a culinary revolution, drawing foodies from all over to give traditional dishes a modern, fine-dining twist.

Explore unique wildlife

From colourful jellyfish that the locals call “bubbly squalls,” to a huge population of Atlantic puffins and 22 species of whales breaching and splashing back into the water left and right, the sea provides plenty of entertainment for animal lovers. The island is also known as the seabird capital of North America, with over 350,000 species of seabirds. You can explore the abundant wildlife whilst hiking, kayaking, cruising or simply enjoying a leisurely drive.

Immerse yourself in the local culture

With so many wonderful things about the island, you’ll definitely want to become an honorary member of the community, also known as being “Screeched In.” It’s a ceremony that involves kissing a codfish on the mouth (usually frozen or plastic) and following it with a shot of Newfoundland Screech, a type of rum sold on the island.

Put Newfoundland and Labrador on your bucket list!

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